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most popular 2020

Is there a future beyond the platform economy? Yes, and it has a name: welcome to the passion economy.


Rebelling against the platform economy. Pola Böhm is a Berlin-based yoga teacher, one that made her passion and her work the same thing since a long time. She is also one of the many fitness trainers that joined the Urban Sports Club (USC) in the last couple of years.  Urban Sports Club is a platform start-up launched in Germany in 2012, which is now the market leader among European providers of…

Coronavirus crisis: can data visualization save lives?


This essay is 3800 words, a 29-minute read. February was all about numbers: crude, tabular, sometimes put on a map or placed in a bar chart. The daily counting of new infections and deaths marked the rhythm of the day and, with hourly case updates and endless streams of information incited more panic than awareness.  Those numbers were often communicated without a context to provide them with meaning. Let’s take the…

A chance to rebuild the world for the better.


It has been eight weeks since the world outside China knew about the new Coronavirus. In Europe, the daily reports of the very beginning have been replaced by hourly crisis bulletins with numbers, facts, opinions and sad statistics. Images induce panic, and economic outlooks induce pessimism.  If not the virus, this would be enough to make you feel running out of air.  We are, who less who more, in a…

Thriving in a world without third-party cookies.


The time to say farewell to third-party-cookie is coming. Do we have reason to shed tears over it? Following Apple and Mozilla, Google communicated in January 2020, its plan to phase out third-party cookies from Chrome by 2022. For the last ten years, the dominant ad-tech ecosystem relied on third-party cookies to manage campaign frequency, measure performance, target audience segments and allow fast-paced, efficient programmatic advertising trade. That ecosystem helped…